Collection: Theology for the New Millennium

Do you want to be as confident in beliefs concerning God as you are that 2 + 2 = 4?  Theology for the New Millennium offers you that feeling! While everyone has their opinions about God, Hassan Bfly delivers the facts!

Theology for the New Millennium argues the case for God without ever appealing to faith or quoting any ancient books. This isn’t like your typical God apologetic that puts the burden of proof on the opposition. Bfly makes claims concerning God and uses common sense and math to back them up.

He applies the mathematical principle of absolute value to everything that exists without any exceptions to explain the reality of God.  He relies heavily on the law of non-contradiction to counter any rebuttal from atheists and theists alike.

Reading this groundbreaking and potentially world changing book is not just some exercise meant to flex your intellectual muscles. After laying out the “two facts”, Hassan Bfly gives his “one opinion” on how to use the newfound understanding of God to achieve amor fati (happiness in any situation) without stoically numbing yourself to life’s pleasures.

If you're tired of having to choose between accepting things that don't make sense in order to believe in God and be a good person or rejecting God totally in order to feel reasonable, Theology for the New Millennium: The Introduction of Intellectual Righteousness is the book you've been looking for. 

There are three ways to get the message.  You read the paperback, listen to the audiobook, or enjoy the ultimate listen and read experience with the audio ebook (an MP4 that allows you to read along as you listen to the book being recited). 

God exists and you shouldn't faith to believe it!

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