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Theology for the New Millennium

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Musical Revelation - The EP

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Ode to God

Hassan's Prayer laid down over two hard-hitting and up-tempo trap beats. Hip hop with a message that will move your body and uplift your spirit.

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Hello World (S.T.N.P.M.O.G.)

The introductory single announcing the arrival of Hassan Bfly, The Self-taught, Non-prophetic Messenger of God

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Good Advice

This single gives some sound advice without getting too preachy over a smooth and mellow beat. Hip hop with heart.

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It Ain't Personal

This single lets anyone listening know the differences in religious thought isn't personal. He is stating facts while others are giving their opinions.

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Musical Revelation

This hip hop banger introduces Theology for the New Millennium as the revelation of our time. You'll want to dance while listening and buy the book when the song is over.

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This book is exactly what you expect when you read the title. Some typos really made me dislike the publisher but PERFECT READ!!

Nef Castaneda

Hassan Bfly is one of the most visionary minds in this era of history...Theology for the New Millennium will leave your mind cracked open in existential wonder. Be ready to believe in something unimaginable.

Donna Q

can you be sure who or what god is, and not end up always falling back on blind faith? this book tackles all the questions, wherever you may be on your path. highly recommend

Jan Milosevic